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Macanta Brand

Macánta Nutrition is an Irish company based in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. With a wide range of supplements manufactured the west of Ireland. Their range is suitable for Vegans, and made without artificial additives, binders or fillers. Using recycled and recyclable packaging. They source top ingredients to create food supplements with high strength formulas.

Here at Health Matters we stock a number of their products including Berberine, Ashwagandha and Folate.


Berberine is a plant-based natural compound found in various plants including hydraste, barberry and turmeric tree that can help maintain healthy cholesterol and glucose levels. It can also support blood sugar metabolism and cardiovascular health. Macánta Berberine has 500mg in each capsule. https://healthmatters.ie/product/macanta-berberine-60-capsules/

Macanta Berberine


Macánta Ashwagandha is in the bio available form known as KSM-66, which is the most clinically studied form of Ashwagandha. Used to help reduce stress and support the body during times of fatigue. There is 500mg of Ashwagandha from 2 capsules. https://healthmatters.ie/product/macanta-ashwagandha-90-capsules/

Macanta Ashwagandha

B Vitamins

Folate (a form of folic acid) is a B Vitamin which helps the body form red blood cells.  Macánta Folate is 400mcg per capsule and is the Methylfolate form which is more bioavailable. https://healthmatters.ie/product/macanta-folate-60-capsules/

Macanta B Vitamins

Macánta Vitamin B12 gives you 1mg of the bioavailable Methylcobalamin form. B 12 is used for the regeneration of red blood cells, and it plays a role in energy metabolism. https://healthmatters.ie/product/macanta-vitamin-b12-1000mcg-30-capsules/

Shop the Macánta range here: https://healthmatters.ie/brand/macanta/

Macanta brand

Company Details

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