Popular Health Products to Look Out for In 2023 – A Health Matters Guide

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What a year! Hopefully we all had some great moments and it’s good to reflect more on those. But there’s been many stresses too and it’s easy for these to have an impact on your health. Covid unfortunately hasn’t gone away but great that its impact has lessened over time. And of course you can buy masks at Health Matters to help avoid infection!

Stress Test

2022 also saw the start of a very violent war and It’s no surprise that the attack on the Ukraine has caused a lot of anxiety for many of us and as it continues, the lack of a clear end to the violence we see day-in-day-out on the news is stressful. Witnessing this war, coming straight after the trauma of Covid, can undermine our mental health and affect our overall well-being. But stress has been increasing in Ireland in any event, in 2021 World Health Survey found that over half of all young adults in Ireland regularly feel stressed. In fact, more than one third of the adult population (36%) felt the same and this is more than the global average which stood at 31%.

These increasing stress levels may be one of the reasons why, at Health Matters, we have seen a surge in the popularity of products and supplements designed to help alleviate stress, like Solgar ultimate Calm Tablets. Check out our blog How to Understand Stress for some useful tips and more information on this topic.

The Bold Cold

In the last few months, as the nights close in and people have been socialising more indoors, colds and flu’s have been rampant, and many people have been suffering with symptoms including coughs, fever and exhaustion. It’s important though to distinguish between a cold, which will pass in time and where there are many great cold supplements that will help alleviate the symptoms, and a flu which may need medical attention and prescription medicine. There’s more information about colds and how to try to avoid them too (!) on our blog Best Supplements for Colds

A Moment to Menopause

Another health-related topic of keen discussion in 2022 in Ireland and worldwide, has been the menopause – as old as humanity itself yet somehow a topic that is only beginning to be discussed constructively and publicly in recent years. The symptoms of the menopause can be radical and it’s great to see that the leading brands have brought out some natural supplements that our customers feel are highly effective in addressing the impact of their symptoms. The interesting thing about the menopause is that awareness of treatment options & supplements as well as the different stages of the menopause is now significantly greater than it used to be. This empowers our customers to take more control over its impact. You can learn more about the menopause here.

That’s a short round-up of some of the health and societal factors that have impacted many of us throughout 2022. Now let’s look at supplement trends and the most popular supplements in 2022. Obviously, these reflect people’s health experiences and concerns over the course of the year. But they also demonstrate how our trusted brands have produced top supplements of the year and products that our customers love and are very committed to. We’ve included a few of the ratings given by Health Matters customers on their favourite products, many of which are our best sellers.

Health Matters Guide to The Most Popular Supplements Of 2022

Vitamin Highlight

Help with our immune systems have been a key priority for HM customers and one of the most popular products in this context is Vitamin D3 (Solgar). It helps to keep bones and teeth in good condition as Vitamin D is used for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.


Magnesium Bisglycinate

Magnesium is vital for a healthy nervous system and magnesium bisglycinate supplements like those offered by Viridian & Prizmag are easily absorbed into the body and easy on the stomach.


Skin Matters – Collagen

Nails, hair, and skin all benefit from healthy collagen levels and a great way to add collagen supplements to your diet is to mix them into your morning smoothie or breakfast yogurt. Products like Neocell & Planet Paleo, a pure collagen powder, have really grown in popularity through 2022 and we expect this interest to continue through 2023.

Milk Thistle

One of the oldest and most trusted remedies in the book! A natural herbal extract, milk thistle is a great way to support healthy liver function. It promotes liver detoxification as well as waste elimination.

Viridian Milk Thistle capsules (90) are one of our most popular products in this category. Also check out Natures Answer’s Milk Thistle (30ml)

Multivitamin Star

NatruesPlus Source of Life Gold Liquid  ticks a lot of boxes which is probably one of the reasons why its so popular. It’s a wholefood based multivitamin jam packed full of different blends including full spectrum prebiotic complex and enzyme rich whole foods for digestion.

Other Product Highlights

Natural Intimate Lubricant

Yes OB is an organic, oil based lubricant that’s the worlds’ first certified organic range of intimacy products. Because it is chemical and preservative free, its extremely gentle on skin and there’s no need to wash it off. This product is very popular with customers who rate if very highly.


If it’s time for a cuppa, it’s time to nurture yourself and your health. Pukka Teas are one of the most in-demand products we carry both in-store and online. Packed full of powerful organic plants, they make for a delicious, healthy drink that oozes “feel good factor” Enjoy!


Thanks for your support this year and we do hope it’s a ……

Happy Healthy 2023!


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