Known as ‘the vitamin company with the organic heart’, Viridian is a very reliable and trustworthy partner for your health. Founded in 1999, it has been one of the go to vitamin brands for Irish consumers for many years. With hundreds of products offering everything from immune support to beauty and natural care – there is a diverse range of quality products for your health. It has not only the typical supplements like magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamin d, vitamin c etc but a lot more (think tinctures, skin hydration)

As well as its wide product range, Viridian has a philosophy that looks after the natural products movement supporting organic growing along with the respectful preservation of ancient health traditions. It’s this approach to health, that gives Viridian an organic edge over so many others.

At Health Matters, we have the best of what Viridian has to offer. See our selection below.

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