Commonly referred to as the ‘gold standard‘ when it comes to vitamins – Solgar is a renowned vitamin brand amongst Irish consumers. Founded in 1947, it has a steadfast reputation and wide product range – you can rest assured you are getting absolute quality with Solgar products. Aside from providing some of the best health supplements on the market  – Solgar is constantly evolving to bring the best of nature into the finest nutritional formulas.

With their trademark recyclable amber glass bottles (it’s dark to preserve to potency of the nutrients) Solgar has an impressively diverse range. Providing vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids & proteins and much more – Solgar is the go to solution for your body and overall health. And it’s not just the usual supplements like magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin c etc – it provides body care and skincare too.

At Health Matters, we have the best of what Solgar has to offer. See our selection below.

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