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The Health & Wellness Journal (Book) By Sinead Griffin Wellness Guru


The Health & Wellness Journal (Book) By Sinead Griffin Wellness Guru is a comprehensive 3-month daily journal, meticulously crafted to empower you on your path to better health and well-being.

It contains:

  • Daily journaling: commit to daily journaling for three months, fostering a habit of self-reflection and progress tracking.
  • Step-by-step Guidance: Receive expert guidance on initiating and sustaining health focused changes. Which provides you with a roadmap to success.
  • Questionnaires: Gain deeper insights into your well-being through thought provoking questionnaires that help you pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Power of Delayed Gratification: Harness the incredible power of delayed gratification to achieve long-term health goals and break free from instant Gratification traps.
  • Wheel of Life: Visualize and balance key aspects of your life, identifying areas where wellness enhancements are needed.
  • Introducing New Habits: Learn effective strategies for introducing new, healthy habits into your daily routine and overcoming resistance to change.
  • Barrier of Time: Discover innovative approaches to overcoming time-related obstacles and prioritize your well-being.
  • Key Pillars of wellbeing: Explore the essential foundations of health, including nutrition, sleep, exercise and mental well-being.
  • Vision Boards: Tap into the power if visualization by creating vision boards that inspire and drive you toward your health and wellness aspirations.
  • Goal Setting: Gain clarity on your objectives with practical examples of short-term and long-term health and wellness goals.

The Health and Wellness Journal is your trusted companion on a fulfilling journey to achieving your health and wellness goals. Start today and transform your life, one day at a time.


100% made in Ireland


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